McDonald’s is committed to quality food, responsible marketing and providing information that enables our guests to make informed choices that fit their nutritional needs and lifestyle. Offering balanced choices and providing more information to customers is at the core of what drives McDonald’s menu innovation.

During the past few years, you may have noticed some new fruit, vegetable, low-fat dairy and whole grain items on our menu. Since February 2011, McDonald’s has reduced sodium across its national core menu by more than 11 percent. By 2020, McDonald’s will reduce added sugars, saturated fat and calories through varied portion sizes, reformulations and innovations.

As part of McDonald’s Commitments to Offer Improved Nutrition Choices, Apple Slices or Go-GURT® Low-Fat Strawberry Yogurt are now offered in every Happy Meal, along with a kids-size French fry and a choice of Hamburger, Cheeseburger or Chicken McNuggets®, and a beverage including fat-free chocolate milk and 1% low-fat white milk. McDonald’s has also committed to only promote milk, juice or water as a beverage of choice with Happy Meals on menu boards and advertising. These are just a few of the latest actions demonstrating the company’s commitment to children’s nutrition and well-being.

San Diego County McDonald’s will continue to embrace forward-moving changes like these to ensure our customers have access to delicious food they feel good about eating. For more information about McDonald’s commitments to nutrition and corporate social responsibility, visit

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